Temporary Clinic Closure – COVID-19

As a business that works face to face, it’s become increasingly difficult to ensure that we adhere to being at a safe distance from our patients.  Following advice from the Government and the United Chiropractic Association it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to temporarily close the practice as from Tuesday 24th March.

This has been extremely difficult decision for all of Peacehaven Chiropractic as caring for you is our utmost priority, but Covid-19 is bigger than us, and we now must all follow the guidelines to stem this global pandemic as soon as possible.

However, just because we can’t meet you in person it doesn’t mean our commitment to you, your health and your wellbeing goes away.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be spending more time using ‘virtual’ means to keep in touch and support you and your health.

I’ll be looking to post regular videos to ensure you’re practicing self care and will also be ensuring we stay in touch with valuable articles on health and wellbeing on our website (and via email) and also on social media through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

I’m also looking at ways we can still provide personal advice and guidance via teleconference facilities – look out for more on this soon.

We may not be with you in person, but that doesn’t mean we stop caring about you and your wellbeing.  Your optimal health and well-being is our priority.

This is a temporary measure and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side and being part of your future health journey.

Stay safe, keep your distance from others, get fresh air and exercise and eat healthily.


Best Wishes

Rachel Hodson
Clinic Director & Chiropractor
Peacehaven Chiropractic

Coping with COVID-19


In light of the recent Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak, we realise it is important to keep appropriate perspective and balance the risk by taking measures to limit the spread and prtectc particularly vulnerable from infection withour inciting undue fear.

As always, your optimal health and wellness is our priority and is at the core of our mission.  Your safety and the safety of your loved ones is our primary concern.

COVID-19 is ever evolving and we will be following the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to keep you safe and encourage you to read their guidelines.

Chiropractic is a fully regultd health profession and our practice has robust infection control measures in place.


Continual cleaning of the floors, benches, door handles, children’s toys and other hard surfaces.  The benches are cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes between every client and the children’s toys are also cleaned between each use.  The headrest paper is changed between every client.

The clinic has a deep clean once a week.  Our Chiropractic assistants, Aldona and Debra also follow a daily clean of surfaces as well as checking and cleaning our facilities (toilet and baby change).

We have asked all our team members to remain vigiliant in keeping high standards of hygeine at all times.  We have also been asked our regulator to monitor the advice regularly issued to the public and healthcare professionals by Public Health England which we contiue to do so on a daily basis.

General Hygiene:

Antibacterial soap is available in the toilet, for staff and clients and in the kitchen for staff to use.  All our therapists are washing their hands and using hand sanitiser between every client.

Antibacterial hand sanitiser is available at reception and in the clinic rooms.  We ask that you please use it when you enter and exit the premises.

Water filter:

Water will still be available in clinic; however we ask you to provide your own water bottles.


Unfortunately, until further notice we will be unable to accept cash payments.  We have a card payment machine and can accept payments of £5 of more.


We are asking any staff who are unwell to stay at home, either of they have a cough and sore throat and/or a fever.  We ask the same of yourselves.  If you think you have any symptoms, please reschedule your appointment for over a week later.  We all need to help each other at this time and whilst having your adjustments is important, we at the clinic, see quite a large proportion of those in a more vulnerable category.

To reiterate, please reschedule your appointment if you:

  1. Recently visited any of the affected countries
  2. Are experiencing a cough or flu like symptoms.  Where possible please give us 24 hours notice so we can make arrangements.  (Whilst we have a 24-hour cancellation policy, we do not want you to attend clinic if you are experiencing symptoms).
  3. Our therapists and Chiropractic assistants will not enter the clinic should they develop a cough, sore throat or fever.  We have 3 chiropractors and 2 massage therapists.  One of the others will be available to cover care.  Should your therapist develop any symptoms shortly after seeing you, will endeavour to let you know so you can make suitable arrangements yourself.

We are a small business at the heart of the local community and your wellbeing is paramount to us.  We know just how important your regular adjustments and massages are, especially at times of stress.  We wanted to reassure you we are doing all we can to keep the clinic safe and open.

In the meantime we would also recommend focusing on good nutrition easting fresh fruit and vegetables and taking any recommended supplementation to help boost your immune system to fight any virus regardless of this recent outbreak.  Keep yourself active, ensuring you are well hydrated and access the news to gain information in relation to planning how to deal with changes in daily life.

We will send updates if the situation changes.

Thank you all for being wonderful chiropractic advocates.

Peacehaven Chiropractic

Helping you achieve optimal health and wellness

Primitive Reflexes:

We are all born with an innate set of movements and reflex patterns (primitive reflexes).  These are paramount to survival and many of them are already active before we are born.  In-fact some of them are essential to for the birth process.  Both mother and baby work together throughout labour to help it process.

Our primitive reflexes are fundamental to our neurological development, thus all our learned movements and skills.   From rolling to crawling and then walking.  Reading, speech and social interaction.

The primitive reflexes change and integrate as we mature and  transition through our early years to childhood and into adulthood.   These reflexes are crucial for our survival  and safety.

The Moro and paralysis reflexes (startle response) in babies alerts their carer to the possibility of falling and danger.  It enables baby to grab hold of their carer and then go into the foetal position to protect their centres.

The Moro and Paralysis Reflexes:

As we develop the moro and paralysis reflexes change and become a lifelong reflex, known as the startle reflex.

In many the paralysis reflex can remain overactive.  Ever known someone to jump just because you walked into the room?  You are not really a danger, unless you come in wielding a sword! Therefore, their response is over the top and not appropriate for the situation.

Now if you were wielding a sword then the startle response should activate, increasing their cortisol and adrenaline levels so action can be taken.  Whether that be to run away or to disarm you.

Those with an overactive moro +/or paralysis reflex have a hypersensitive response to noise, visual stimulus (jumping when they see something in their peripheral vision) and touch.

This reflex usually integrated into the whole body movement by the 3rd year of life.

When it remains un-integrated you may see someone who nervously blinks, often has fears and phobias, can have insomnia, be aggressive, have inappropriate laughter, timidity, lack of trust, weakened immune system (adrenal glands – stress response overworked) motion sickness, poor balance and fear of taking risks.

The Bonding Reflex:

The integration of this reflex is initiated in the first hour of life by mothers.  With Mother’s Day approaching we thought it appropriate to let mummies know just how important their touch is.  Never underestimate the power of your hug!

During that first hour it is so important that babies and mothers get skin to skin contact.  Sometimes this cannot be possible because of interventions that had to happen for labour.  In this instance the father (or other close relative) can step in and then pass baby to their mothers as soon as possible.

The bonding reflex is found in the new-born baby, infant, child and in adults.  When this reflex integrates well is gives the feeling of comfort, safety and harmony.  Often reflexes such as the paralysis do not integrate fully when this one has not.

This reflex triggers attachment to mother, father and the family unit.  It helps to open the senses, aids authentic communication, acceptance of self and others, builds trust, confidence and inner peace.  It can be stimulated at any age by hugs, love and praise.  When someone just tells you how loved you are and hugs you it helps to strengthen the integration.

When the bonding reflex has not integrated well then it can lead to individuals who self-reject, are emotionally fragile, isolate themselves, have a protective barrier and can end up in co-dependent relationships.

Other reflexes:

There are many more reflexes that help us develop.  These two are important for feeling secure, accepted and loved.

Most individuals can adapt if a reflex has not fully integrated and they find coping mechanisms around this.  However things are easier if they have integrated well.

Many children who are diagnosed with autism, ADHD, dyslexia etc, will have several reflexes that have not integrated.  This means certain tasks are harder for them.  We will look at other reflexes at a later date, watch this space!

The brain develops from the lower brainstem (includes hippocampus) to upper brainstem (includes the amygdala) – unconscious control.   Then up to the cerebral cortex – conscious control and decision making.   When a reflex has not integrated, development in the higher centres of the brain is harder.

Reasons a reflex does not integrate include trauma.  As we discussed the reflexes have protective role and if needed our brain takes us to a place of safety, which means reflexes can un-integrate and/or not integrate at all.

Author Rachel Hodson CACCP, D.C.,  MChiro, BSc (Hons)

Clinic Director and Chiropractor

Rachel has trained in the MNRI (Masgutova Neurological Reflex integration) technique as well as completing her Certfication (CACCP) with the International Chiropractic Peaditraic Association (ICPA)

She works with many families to help them achieve optimal health and well-being.  If you have any questions, please ask.  Clinic number 01273 584812 or email

My Pregnancy – The Third Trimester (weeks 27 onwards!)

It has just flown by, so fast that I completely failed to update my blog between weeks 17 and now!

In short weeks 17-27 were great! I felt amazing and had loads of energy.  The only downfall was feeling a bit of a blimp! I just looked like I had been at the biscuit box, which at times was entertaining, especially with some of the looks you get from people who haven’t seen you in a while!

From week 27 onwards its obvious that you are growing a tiny human.  At 31 weeks I went to Portugal for a friends Hen Party, it was so much fun.  I thought am I crazy for going? Then decided sunshine was just what the doctor ordered! (Although right now at 39 weeks pregnant in this heat wave I disagree!)  The best thing about being pregnant on the hen party was I had the best excuse for going home early! I’m not really a party animal anyway and do love my sleep so was able to sneak off a smidge earlier than the 2-3am everyone else rolled in!

Speaking of Sleep…things that change in the third trimester.


This might be the hardest thing I have had to contend with, but then I should be grateful because my body is preperaing me for little sleep once the wee bean arrives.  I wake up at least 5 times a night, either because I’m too hot, my feet are too hot (not just weather related, I am definitely running hotter in pregnancy), I need ANOTHER wee, my hips hurt, legs are cramping, or baby has given me a good kicking!

I purchased a pregnancy pillow quite early on, it arrived at about 17 weeks.  It was nice then, but been a god send since the third trimester started.  The support the pillow offers for my legs and bump are amazing, and yes I still wake up a lot, but at least it keeps me more comfortable than without it. The weight of bump is supported meaning the liagments around my baby bump get a break!

Others things you can do to helps sleep include:

Sticking to a sleep schedule – try to regulate your body clock by going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday.  Since I have been on maternity leave I am sleeping in longer, but allowing myself that time means I know I am rested.  Instead of being up by 6-30am its now a respectable 8am, but try not to stay in bed longer because it means your body clock will get out of sink.

Plenty of gentle exrecise – this can also help with leg cramps! Swimming, yoga and gentle walking will help and tire you out just enough to promote good sleep at night!

Acknowledge and thus take control of your worries – becoming a new mum means your mind can do overtime! I know I have been worrying about all sorts of funny things, from how will I know what to dress the baby in to are the windows clean enough! Writing lists of things I want to achieve in the day has been helpful and just chatting things through with Ben and my mum have been invaluable!

Try relxation techniques including breathing exercises – Progressive muscle relaxation has been proven to be very effective at helping to bring on sleep. It focuses on tensing, and then relaxing, groups of muscles in your body, alternating between your right and left side. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by tensing and releasing your hand and forearm muscles, first on one side and then on the other.
  • Repeat with your upper arms, face and jaw, chest and shoulders, tummy (as best you can!), thighs, and so on until you reach your feet.

These techniques are often used in yoga classes along with deep breathing exercises.  Try a pregnancy yoga class in the evening to help.

Contact us today: 01273 584812, email info@peacehavenchiropractic.co.uk or BOOK APPOINTMENT

25 years of MACS

MACS was formed 25 years ago by a group of parents whose children were born without eyes, or with underdeveloped eyes.  These conditions are known as Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia and Coloboma.  In the UK 100 babies are born each year with these conditions, our daughter Renie was one of them.  The MACS chairty provides invaluable support to those who need it.  You can find out more about these conditions by visiting their website.

They support families emotionally through tough times, provide a platform for people to share experiences and support each other.  They share information and resources.  They organsie social and sporting activities to help those with MACS build confidence and independence and they also help fund research into genetic causes of MACS conditions.

To mark their 25th anniversary MACS decided to have their first ever awareness week 1st-7th July.  Peacehaven Chiropractic supports the chairty and we wanted to help raise awareness.  Not only is it close to our hearts because Renie has micropthalmia and coloboma, awareness week also falls right by her birthday!

We decided to donate £5 from every appointment during this week and also promote awareness through social media, just check out our facebook page.

Overall we managed to raise an amazing £500! Thank you everyone who donated through our facebook page and in clinic.  Also to all our amazing patients who came in for their adjustments during the week.  

Welcome Elise and Luke

The last four months living in East Sussex has flown almost quicker than the flight from Perth (Western Australia) to this destination. I (Elise) am so grateful I landed employment right at Peacehaven Chiropractic for my Saturday mornings where I get to experience another world of incredible health care. As the receptionist I’m blessed to interact with so many great patients who are receiving a holistic treatment and are seeing rewards from it – myself included!

My story seems a little bit crazy whenever I say it out loud (or even write it) but I would have it no other way! I’m a young 20 year old who came on an adventure to England to support my best friend and love as he does a fine furniture course at Robinson House Studios – we got married ten days before coming here!

I have put on hold studying a Bachelor of Chiropractic at Perth’s Murdoch University whilst we are living here for the year, but I am very keen to finish it when we return home. I am fascinated by our body’s complex design and love learning about how brilliantly we’ve been made.

As we all have probably noticed for ourselves, our bodies undergo all types of stress throughout life and many of us search for an option to help our bodies repair to their full potential again. The knowledge that chiropractors have about the way our bodies move and function is something I am so excited to continue learning about!

Chiropractic adjustments have not only personally helped a soccer (or as you call it ‘football’) injury but continually help with my desk-work related tightness and maintaining my general wellbeing. My husband Luke also looks forward to coming into the practice for his overall health! I’m a big supporter of being in tune with how your body is feeling and being educated about how you can lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Chiropractic care supports your body to not just cope but to thrive in this busy, fast paced world we live in. I’m stoked seeing so many people of all ages looking after their body and mind by visiting us and look forward to what this year holds … hopefully some more sunshine like on the Easter weekend!

ME TIME Clinic event Saturday 23rd March 2019 1-4pm

Join Marijana Dragojevic and Sarah Gaddie on Saturday, the 23rd of March 1pm at Peacehaven Chiropractic Clinic


Relax, Restore and Energise your body and mind with Mindful Eating, Pilates, Meditation and EFT for Food Cravings.


This is for you if you are stressed, don’t know how to relax, or just need Me Time.


We will begin with Mindful Eating – please bring a healthy light lunch. Opportunity to see how mindfulness works better then dieting!

Followed by a gentle matwork Pilates session and Meditation, including Pelvic Floor Awareness

We will explore your Food Cravings and show you how EFT could reduce it.

Please bring a food that you crave but would like to give up (chocolate, biscuits, crisps???) What’s you’re poison?

Closing with relaxing Meditation.

Cost £30


Marijana Dragojevic is a mind, body, nutrition coach, EFT practitioner and Meditation Teacher. She helps people to change their relationship with food.

Sarah Gaddie is a Pilates Instructor and Health and Wellness Consultant.

Please contact us to book or for more information: Sarah Gaddie 07912011273
Marijana Dragojevic 07960561874

Pancakes – YUM!

Love your Body with these amazing Healthy Pancakes.

Another wonderful recipe from the beautiful Marijana at dietlessliving.co.uk

This recipe is also great for when you are weaning your baby, in fact my baby daughter and I both have these for breakfast sometimes, with a little greek yoghurt and some blueberries.

You can add desiccated coconut and some nut butter (or as in this picture a little chocolate spread – not as healthy, unless you make your own chocolate spread which can be done with some mashed avocado and cacao powder – see chocolate mousse receipe.)


3 eggs

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

2 ripe bananas

1 tbsp desiccated coconut

coconut oil for frying



Beat eggs for a minute. Mash bananas as for a baby, add to eggs, add dry ingredients. Mix it all together. It should look a little like mashed potatoe!


Put a tsp of coconut oil in a frying pan and when is hot add a tbsp of dough, push it down a bit and reduce a heat to medium. I usually put 3 pancakes in at the time. Flip them over cook for about a minute and it is ready to eat. Repeat a process.


It is not easy to flip them over so it is good to keep them small. Makes it easier to manage!


DIETless Living          Build Healthy Eating Habits

6 Week Programme

17Jannuary 2019 – 21 February 2019


This programme is a powerful and affordable way to bring healthy eating into your life without dieting or willpower.


You will learn strategies and tool that will last a lifetime so you can stop the war with food and your body.


We will work in a small group, no more than 8 people. Research has shown that your chances of achieving good results are 50% higher if you have a partner.


Our plan:

Week 1: Personalised nutrition

Week 2: Mindful eating

Week 3: Cravings and Emotional Eating

Week 4: Power of the Mind

Week 5: Toxins

Week 6: Shopping habits and how to stay mindful


When you finish the programme:


– You will have a New Relationship with Food

– You will find food that is healthy and that you enjoy eating

– You will have the tools to free yourself from Cravings and Emotional Eating



The course will run weekly commencing on Thursday, the 17th January – 21st February 2019 at 8pm.


Sessions will last 60 – 75 minutes, via Zoom so you can participate from the comfort of your own home. No wasting time travelling, no parking problems or costs.

Zoom gives us the opportunity to see and hear each other. It is live and interactive work and it feels like we are sitting and talking in the same room.



Early bird price : £135- by 25th December


Full price : £165


To find out more or book your place, phone Marijana on 07960 561874.


The details:



Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This deeply relaxing, powerful and cleansing treatment is not your typical massage, it’s gentle rhythmical movements stimulate and influence the direction and speed of the lymph through the lymphatic vessels and nodes to great effect.

The lymphatic system moves slowly due to not having a pump, which means it can easily become overloaded, sluggish and congested. The lymph vessels lie just beneath the skin and facilitate the removal of metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria, large protein molecules and foreign substances from the tissues.

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain and enhances the activity of the immune system. It is effective in the treatment of a wide variety of problems including oedema (swelling), skin disorders, headaches, sinus congestion, stress, sprains and aches and before and after surgery to remove tissue congestion. It is particularly useful in improving the healing process and reducing recovery time after surgery, post-mastectomy therapy and cosmetic surgery such as liposuction, breast surgery or facial surgery.

 MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) is extremely gentle and wonderfully relaxing.

Sasha Ball is one of our wonderful massage therapists and this facebook review sums up just how well Chiropractic and massage complement each other.

 ‘I’ve been attending this clinic for around a year. I first came with sciatica and now, incredibly, it’s gone.  Rachel has a deep insight for healing through her practice. I have regular monthly adjustment and I’m now better than I’ve been for years.  I complement this with regular massage therapy from Sasha at the clinic.  This practice is unique as it offers a fully holistic treatment plan that lifts, heals and rejuvenates.  Thoroughly recommended’.


 Contact us today: 01273 584812, email info@peacehavenchiropractic.co.uk or BOOK APPOINTMENT