Your body has the potential to heal itself, from the inside out.  Give it the movement, nutrition and space required and amazing things happen!

Michele grew up in a family where alternative treatments were always considered, and most of the time preferred! He was exposed to chiropractic care at 16 and experienced incredible changes in flexibility, quality of his movements and of his life!

He received adjustment sessions weekly for seven years before deciding to follow his dream of being a chiropractor. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science in Italy (July 2012), and graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (July 2016).

He has always being fascinated by every form of human movement, and by the concept of perfecting his motor skills and learning new ones. He has played basketball for several years and, more recently has dedicated his time to tennis, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and calisthenics.  Being sporty means Michele really understands the importance of optimal alignment, a balanced body can mean the difference between winning and losing an important game.

The rest of his spare time is dedicated to cooking, gardening, DIY and reading.