Being pregnant is such a magical time, although it can be amazing for some women and quite a tough experience for others. Peacehaven Chiropractic are here to support you and your developing baby, helping you to have a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

Rachel is Webster technique certified, this technique focuses on optimal pelvic alignment.  Your uterus is attached via strong ligaments to your pelvis, so good alignment means less tension in your uterus and more space for baby.

Websters is the ‘go to’ technique for turning breech babies, however this is NOT a claim we make at Peacehaven Chiropractic.  Babies innately know to go head down, provided the space is there that is exactly what happens. We provide the space, your baby will do the rest! If for any reason a baby cannot go head down, even once the space is created, they won’t.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy and for children is extremely gentle, our focus being on the cranium and pelvis. Babies often fall asleep during a session, in fact many pregnant mums do too! 

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